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Scouting Forms

Here is a repository of the latest official versions of popular forms available to download:

Cub Scout Badges

Application forms (PDF):

Local Tour Permit Application:

National Tour Permit Application:

Personal Health & Medical Records:

  • Class 1 and 2: PDF
  • Class 3: PDF
  • Accident & Sickness Claim Form: PDF

Uniform Inspection Sheets:

  • Cub Scout/Webelos: PDF
  • Boy Scout/Varsity Scout: PDF
  • Male Leader: PDF
  • Female Leader: PDF

Quality Unit Award Applications (PDF):

  • Cub Scout Pack: 2006
  • Boy Scout Troop: 2006
  • Varsity Scout Team: 2006
  • venturing Crew/Ship: 2006

Tiger Cub Forms:

  • Tiger Cub Den Meeting Programs: PDF
  • Tiger Cub Den Record: PDF
  • Tiger Cub Attendance & Dues: PDF
  • Tiger Cub Den Advancement Report: PDF
  • Individual Tiger Cub Record: PDF
  • Informed Consent Agreement (Permission Slip): PDF

Cub Scout Forms:

  • Cub Scout Den Meeting program: PDF
  • Cub Scout Record Form: PDF
  • Individual Cub Scout Record: PDF
  • Den Recognition Report: PDF
  • Webelos Den Meeting Program: PDF
  • Unit Advancement Report: PDF
  • Unit Money-Earning Permit Application: PDF

Boy Scout Forms:

  • Individual Boy Scout Record: PDF
  • First Class Tracking Sheet: PDF
  • Troop Resource Survey: PDF
  • Troop Meeting Plan: PDF
  • Unit Advancement Report: PDF
  • Unit Money-Earning Permit Application: PDF
  • Application for BSA Lifeguard: PDF
  • 50 Miler Award Application: PDF
  • Campfire Program planner: PDF

venturing Forms:

  • venturing Leader Progress Record PDF
  • venturing Advisor Award of Merit Nomination PDF
  • venturing Leadership Award Recommendation PDF
  • Quartermaster Award Application PDF
  • Unit Advancement Report: PDF
  • Unit Money-Earning Permit Application: PDF

Commissioner Worksheets:

  • Commissioner Worksheet for Pack: PDF
  • Commissioner Worksheet for Troop: PDF

Progress Records:

  • Tiger Cub Den Leader Award: PDF
  • Cub Scout Den Leader Award: PDF
  • Webelos Den Leader Award: PDF
  • Cubmaster Award: PDF
  • Cub Scouter Award: PDF
  • The Boy Scout Leader's Training Award: PDF
  • Scoutmaster's Key (Scoutmaster): PDF
  • Coach's Key and Varsity Scout Leader Training Award (Varsity Scout): PDF
  • Varsity Scout Leader Letter Scorecard: PDF
  • Venturing Leader: PDF
  • Scouter's Training Award (Roundtable/Huddle Staff): PDF
  • Arrowhead Honor/Commissioner Key (Roundtable/Huddle Commissioner): PDF
  • Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award (District & Assistant District Commissioner): PDF
  • Commissioner Key/Arrowhead Honor Award (Unit Commissioner): PDF
  • District Committee Key: PDF
  • Wood Badge Pocket Card: PDF

Merit Badges & Awards:

  • Silver Beaver Nomination: PDF
  • Merit Badge Counselor Application: PDF
  • Worksheet for Building a Merit badge Counselor List: PDF
  • District Award of Merit Nomination: PDF
  • National Summertime Pack Award: PDF
  • William T. Hornaday Award Applications: Online

Eagle Scout Forms:

  • Eagle Scout Rank Application PDF
  • Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project Workbook Online
  • National Eagle Scout Association Scholarship Applications Online
  • National Eagle Scout Association Membership Application PDF
  • Duplicate Eagle Scout/NESA credentials order form: PDF
  • Application for Alternate Eagle Scout Rank Merit Badges: PDF

A number of other forms are also available from the National Council site. To obtain an up-to-date and official copy of any Scouting form not listed above, contact the council service center.

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