United States

David Wesley, MD

Vice President
Medical Research and Development

Dr. Wesley’s experience in both clinical and insurance medicine allows him to provide expert guidance on the evaluation of mortality. He advises internal and external clients, for example in the area of lab tests and examination criteria for mortality risk selection By closely following mortality and morbidity studies as well as developments in treatment, Dr. Wesley provides useful counsel on the drivers of mortality and opportunities for improving results.

Presently, Dr. Wesley’s research is focused on the aging of the American insured population and the efficacy of both traditional and alternative underwriting tools at older ages. He writes articles on his research and analysis for The Messenger, our newsletter to clients, and contributes to trade publications and medical journals.  Dr Wesley is also a frequent presenter industry seminars and conferences.

Dr. Wesley joined Transamerica Reinsurance as Chief Medical Director in 2003, bringing 16 years of reinsurance experience. He practiced internal medicine in Syracuse, NY before moving into the life insurance industry in 1985 as senior medical director. He has been active in several industry organizations – Chair, Mortality and Morbidity Committee, American Academy of Insurance Medicine; Director, Basic Mortality Methodology Course, Board of Insurance Medicine; Instructor, Mortality Methodology, Board of Insurance Medicine Triennial Course.

Dr. Wesley received both his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of California at San Diego.

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